We can accommodate up to 27 Horses with Turn-Outs for everyone.

Happy Horses:

Cedar Grove Stable has been taking care of and stabling horses for 24 years.  One of the reasons that makes us so successful is that the owner and professional horse trainer, Helen Lay has over 40 years knowledge of training and understanding all aspects of horses!   Her top priority is to have healthy, happy and well adjusted horses.  This is accomplished thru proper diet and exercise, in conjunction to your horses' emotional well being.

Whether it being supplements for joints, or needed nutrients and vitamins, more or less or different kinds of exercise, a play toy in their stall, or proper positioning of certain horses within the stable for horse companionship.  Helen knows horses.  She understands how to listen to their wants and is able to provide for what they need.  End result is that each horse is happy, healthy and well adjusted which provides for comfortable surroundings for your horse and a harmoneous stable!

Feed & Water:

We understand each horse is different therefore will feed with the appropriate mixtures for your best friend.

We feed & water 2 to 4 times a day; dependant on weather.


The Paddock's are perfect for those horse's who would rather be outside and have a little more space.

There are 13 individual Paddock's, each with their own individual Run-In Sheds, which provide shelter for inclement weather as well as a comfortable feeding and watering space.


All stalls are inside a safe, secure, dry and comfortable large barn.

There are 14 total Stalls.  Your horse will find plenty of comfort and friendships with the other boarding horses.  We  even leave the radio on for them as well.

Stalls are matted and are cleaned daily.


‚Äč    Cedar Grove Stable:  425-485-7178                                                   4808 166th Ave. S.E.Bothell WA 98012